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Hazardex 2017 Awards: Winners announced

08 March 2017

A total of 20 nominations were shortlisted across four categories for the Hazardex 2017 Awards, designed to recognise excellence in the hazardous area sector. Winners were announced at the Hazardex 2017 Conference and Exhibition Gala Awards dinner on March 2nd 2017 and are listed below.

The Hazardex 2017 Awards were sponsored by CSA Group and Banelec
The Hazardex 2017 Awards were sponsored by CSA Group and Banelec


1. Contribution to Safety (Sponsored by CSA Group)
A product, system or service that has made a significant contribution to safety in the last two years
Winner: BPE Design & Support Ltd – Dust explosion risk reduction tool kit
Runner Up 1; Moflash – BC150 Explosion proof beacon
Runner Up 2; BS&B Safety Systems – System V chemical suppression & isolation system

2. Technical Innovation (Sponsored by CSA Group)
An innovative product or system that has brought significant advantage to hazardous area operations
Winner: CorDEX – TC7000 Thermal imaging camera
R/U 1; Rheintacho – ATEX Certified system for stationary stroboscopes
R/U 2; ION Science - Titan benzene specific monitor

3. Best User Application (Sponsored by Banelec)
An application story highlighting the benefits of a product or service for hazardous areas
Winner: CCG – QuickStop injection resin barrier gland
R/U 1; Pepperl+Fuchs – HiC2441 Smart universal IS barrier
R/U 2; Eaton Crouse-Hinds – Clamped EBMX Series explosion proof motor

4. Best Customer Service (Sponsored by Banelec)
An account of customer service best practice within the hazardous area sector
Winner: CSA Group
R/U 1; – Ex Veritas
R/U 2; – LGM Products

5. Overall Winner
The best hazardous area sector product, system or service introduced over the last two years, with voting restricted to delegates and attendees at the Hazardex 2017 Conference and Exhibition
Winner: Forth Valley College - Hazardous Area Safety Training Team

Voting rules:

* The competition was open to all Hazardex journal and website readers and users 
* Voters registered their votes by email to the organisers. 
* Voters were limited to one vote per category
* Nominees were not permitted to vote for their own company/organisation
* All votes will remain confidential

The shortlisted nominees were:

1. Contribution to Safety (Sponsored by CSA Group)

1A.  BPE Design and Support Ltd – Dust explosion risk reduction Tool Kit

The aim of this project was to develop a rigorous approach to dust explosion risk reduction to be incorporated into a Tool Kit that would allow professional engineers and other safety professionals to easily follow the approach.

The comprehensive research and development programme developed a more scientific approach to the hazardous area classification of dusts, with a true risk assessment covering the risk of an explosion occurring and the severity and consequences of a dust explosion.

The launch of the Tool Kit has been a success, demonstrated by its use to reduce dust explosion risks at major pharmaceutical, metal and plastic parts plants, has been presented as IChemE-approved training and has also been used to develop an in-house training programme for Jaguar Land Rover.

Click here for the full BPE award entry

1B.  BS&B Safety Systems – System V chemical suppression and isolation system

System V is an explosion protection solution.  It is a rapid response chemical suppression system that prevents flame propagation and isolates interconnecting process equipment. Its installation could prevent crippling equipment damage, loss of production time and possible injury to personnel. 

When the Cannon™ deploys, it releases sodium bicarbonate to fully suppress a dust explosion. Cannon deployment is prompted by a low voltage electrical signal generated from sensors in a smart controller unit which subsequently activates the Cannon. The actuators release pressurised nitrogen gas towards a sodium bicarbonate canister which discharges its contents at high velocity in milliseconds. A possible deflagration travelling through ducts, piping and connected equipment is quickly and efficiently extinguished.

Click here for the full BS&B award entry

1C.  OnGrade SiteZone Proximity Warning Alarm System

The SiteZone Proximity Warning System (PWS) is an audible and visual warning system designed to reduce the risk of vehicle-personnel collisions.  SiteZone PWS produces a detection zone around a vehicle, machine or even a restricted area. When the detection zone is breached by personnel wearing a SiteZone tag, the machine/vehicle operator is alerted to their presence and can take the appropriate action. There is also an additional tier of protection by providing optional warnings for pedestrians.

SiteZone can be used anywhere the proximity of people and vehicles working together is of concern. That includes, for example, construction sites, busy depots, warehouses, trackside construction sites.

Click here for the full OnGrade award entry

1D.  Sasol flammable atmosphere identification methodologies

Identifying hazardous areas accurately is at the heart of explosion prevention. If this first step goes wrong, those to follow would also be wrong and not contribute to a safe working environment.

Sasol has developed system methodologies for the accurate identification of potential flammable atmospheres.  Detailed studies per Unit could be demonstrated followed by inspection and maintenance systems to ensure they always compliment the safety requirements as per their intended design / protection concept and fiscal condition.

Click here for the full Sasol award entry

1E. Moflash BC150 Explosion Proof Beacon

The GRP BC150 Explosion Proof Beacon range has been approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and very harsh environmental conditions. Typical applications are Oil and Gas, On-shore and Offshore, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries & Marine locations, etc.

These beacons have a choice of two types of light source: either Xenon (strobe) with multiple flash rate and power ratings or an LED array with three status type indication options and two power ratings. The design allows for termination inside the enclosure.

The units also have the ability to be fitted with a telephone initiation function and can be used as the second ring output indicator for telephones when installed in very noisy environments.

Click here for the full Moflash award entry

2. Technical innovation (Sponsored by CSA Group)

2A. Abtech Nimbus LED Luminaire for Hazardous Areas

Fully ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations, the Nimbus combines the energy saving benefits of an LED light source with sleek and compact design. The battery backed emergency versions also provide safety critical egress lighting. The Nimbus is a low profile LED panel providing significant weight and energy saving over a traditional recessed fluorescent luminaire:

Designed for use in both offshore and onshore hazardous areas, the Nimbus LED panel light provides a viable alternative to recessed fluorescents for both general and emergency lighting applications. Abtech’s Nimbus panel utilises highly efficient light emitting diode technology reducing energy consumption by a third when compared to an equivalent T8 fluorescent luminaire.

Click here for the full Abtech award entry

2B. CorDEX TC7000 Thermal Imaging Camera

The TC7000 is the world’s only Intrinsically Safe, Fully Radiometric Thermal Imaging Camera. Tough, safe and accurate, TC7000 is the thermal imaging camera of choice for oil, gas mining, marine and dust environments.


* Intrinsically safe certified. Safe, Reliable and above all, Rugged.
* High speed, articulating lens. Shoot high quality images over, under and around obstacles.
* Onboard RFID tag reader. Assign images to RFID tags and automatically create reports, manage data and create trends.
* CorDEX CONNECT™ enabled. 

Click here for the full CorDEX award entry

2C. Elfab Flo-Tel XD intrinsically safe Exd-rated burst detection system

Elfab Ltd has developed a cost-effective, industry first, Exd-rated burst detection system. Flo-Tel XD is intrinsically safe with an IP67 rating certified by ATEX and IECEx.

Its robust, flameproof design can be used across multiple markets and applications across the globe. It is also suitable for use in the highest ATEX zones, subject to the EX concept chosen. Operating on simple reed switch and magnet technology, Flo-Tel XD Exd-approved detection systems are uniquely designed to offer a practical solution for rupture disc detection needs in extreme environments. It is not affected by downstream fluctuations or corrosion and the sensor is not in contact with the process, and therefore has no potential leak paths.

Click here for the full Elfab award entry

2D. Extronics iRFID500 handheld Bluetooth passive RFID reader

Old manual methods of asset management are time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors -  clunky PDAs are awkward to use and heavy to carry around. The iRFID500 handheld Bluetooth passive RFID tag reader provides a new way to streamline business processes - for example, tracking assets such as drill pipes or tools, monitoring maintenance tasks and planning, and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

A modern solution, the iRFID500 acts as a Bluetooth accessory to the growing range of Windows, Android, and Apple smartphones and tablets available for use in industrial applications, enabling customers to benefit from Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 implementations across their facilities and view data on the go. Plus, workers can easily add notes with the iRFID500’s built-in stylus. For maximum operational flexibility, the iRFID500 can also be used as a standalone device for cost effective deployment with workers who don’t require a smart device.

Click here for the full Extronics award entry

2E. Ion Science Titan benzene specific monitor

Ion Science is a leading manufacturer of high performance gas detection instrumentation for global occupational health and environmental applications.

Titan is the world’s first continuous benzene specific monitor, specially designed for the detection of ambient benzene in petrochemical applications and refinery facilities in particular – providing the ultimate protection of workforce, environment and plant.

Benzene is a constituent of crude oil and becomes gaseous during petrochemical processing but it is also used as a solvent in the production of drugs, plastics, synthetic rubbers and dyes. It is a carcinogen with very low work exposure limits making sub parts per million (ppm) measurement an essential requirement.

Click here for the full Ion Science award entry

2F. RHEINTACHO - ATEX Certified system for stationary stroboscopes

The RHEINTACHO Group has now increased its efforts to provide the ATEX world with more devices which can be used in hazardous areas.

The newest and second addition to RHEINTACHO’S ATEX family is the introduction of two types of enclosure which are both Zone 2 approved. Within these enclosures, either the stationary LED stroboscopes from RHEINTACHO RT STROBE 3000 LED or 5000 LED are fitted and wired within them.

The 5000 enclosure is a bit larger than the 3000 enclosure. Both are then wired to a DIN rail inside the enclosure. The cable leaving the enclosure through an ATEX gland, is routed to a safe area (meaning outside the hazardous zone), and is connected via a 5-pin plug to the RHEINTACHO RT STROBE control which provides and receives signals as well as provides power to the strobe.

Click here for the full RHEINTACHO award entry

3. Best User Application (Sponsored by Banelec)

3A. CCG QuickStop Injection Resin Barrier Gland

For a number of years installers in hazardous areas have been relying on barrier glands with a two-part epoxy-based putty as a means of stopping explosive gases and liquids from diffusing down unfilled cables.

The mixing process can take several minutes depending on the volume of putty required and the insertion of the putty between the individual cores of multi core cable. This is not only time consuming but there could be additional risks in that the putty may not have been mixed correctly or packed correctly around the cable conductors, which could result in the potential of voids and gaps for gas or liquids to migrate through.

CCG’s QuickStop-Ex Barrier Gland, with an instant mixing and injecting resin, has all but eliminated the problems surrounding the preparing, mixing and applying of compounds/resins in Barrier Glands. The QuickStop-Ex Injection Resin system is instantly and 100% accurately mixed, whilst being simultaneously injected into the barrier gland in one single action.

Click here for the full CCG award entry

3B. Eaton Crouse-Hinds - Clamped EBMX Series Explosion proof Motor Control

One of the biggest challenges in the hazardous enclosure environment is associated with unbolting enclosures to access the internal components for preventative maintenance or troubleshooting. Cast enclosures can require over 70 bolts to be loosened and tightened leading to extended process downtime, increased safety risk of incorrectly torqued bolts and possible missing bolts. Crouse-Hinds has developed an industry first clamping enclosure technology which incorporates sixteen new patents to reduce risk while providing a premium solution.

The EBMX series is a platform of motor control products including Starters, Combo-Starters, Disconnect Switches & Breakers utilizing a revolutionary clamping technology. EBMX explosion proof enclosures are the only clamped enclosures for hazardous areas.

Click here for the full Crouse-Hinds award entry

3C.  Forth Valley College - Hazardous Area Safety Training Team 

We are a small dedicated team of Trainer/Assessors and administrators with a passion for teaching safe working practices in hazardous areas.  The centre has been training CompEx, Hazardous Area Safety, Electrical Safety and many other courses for well over 20 years and within the last five years we have been recognised by our governing bodies and industry in Central Scotland for the professional and passionate approach we take.

Recently we led the way training the new Ex14 Responsible Person course the first in Scotland with our close Petrochemical allies INEOS & Petroineos.  The course has been featured in Hazardex magazine and many other publications due to the very positive feedback it received both from the attendees and the governing body representative in attendance. 

Click here for the full Forth Valley College award entry

3D. Pepperl + Fuchs HiC2441 SMART universal IS barrier

In 2014, Pepperl + Fuchs released the HiC2441 SMART universal IS barrier, which is the perfect solution for implementing the actual DCS concept of universal I/O into the hazardous world.

The SMART Universal Barrier HiC2441 has: 1-channel isolated barrier; 24 V DC supply (bus powered); Analog input, digital input, analog output, digital output; No configuration required, device is self-adapting; HART transparency; Low power dissipation; 3-way isolation and Up to SIL 2 acc. to IEC 61508 in preparation. It provides the four standard functionalities AI, AO, DI and DO within one device

Click here for the full Pepperl + Fuchs award entry

4. Best Customer Service (Sponsored by Banelec)

4A. CSA Group Customer Service

CSA Group is a global organization dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability. We provide testing, inspection and certification services for products in many market sectors, including industrial and hazardous locations.

We know that for many of our customers, time to market is critical and that dealing with a Certification Body is typically the last step in a long product development process. Over the last 12 months, CSA Group has evolved its processes to respond even better to the pressures you face, while offering you the marks you need to access global markets.

With our large team of certification engineers around the world  focused on completing your project within agreed to timelines, and our streamlined processes, we consistently start and finish projects with some of the best lead-times within the industry.

As such, our customers have scored us 90% in overall customer satisfaction, with 4 out of 5 clients saying they would recommend CSA Group to a colleague.*

*December 2016 customer feedback results, CSA Group UK, completed projects.  

Click here for the full CSA Group award entry

4B.  ExVeritas Customer Service

ExVeritas has grown from zero to 1.25 million turnover in five years specialising in Ex Certification and CompEx Training, and services provided as an ATEX and IECEx Notified Body. This has been achieved primarily by concentrating on providing excellent customer service.

ExVeritas CMS is the world’s only 17025 EX Certification management system to deliver projects on time with compete transparency. The customer logs in for quotes, project status, change requests, on line certificate management including concessions on line and much more.

Click here for the full ExVeritas award entry 

4C. LGM Products Customer Service

LGM Products supplies fire and signalling systems, including hazardous area and marine approved, and prides itself on the exceptional service it offers to customers. 2016 was our best sales year ever and, despite difficult market conditions, we increased the number of quotations won by 8%. We attribute this to the continued drive towards customer service excellence.

This drive is why at the beginning of the 2015 we started actively reviewing customer enquiries to ensure that we stock the right mix of products, guaranteeing fast order fulfilment. In order to supply quality products, we work closely with our industry-leading suppliers, ensuring a wide range of internationally approved products.

Click here for the full LGM award entry

4D. SYNATEL Customer Service

Formed in 1970, SYNATEL designs and manufactures Britain’s widest range of industrial electronic sensing, counting and control equipment, including sensors and equipment for hazardous areas. We are qualified and manufacture products for the following countries: CSA for North America and Canada, ATEX for Europe, IECEx for Australia and Singapore, INMETRO for Brazil and NEPSI for China.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and recommend items best suited to customer applications over product cost. This has helped many of our customers to purchase required items for their applications (both approved and non-approved), and also to save money where available.

Click here for the full SYNATEL award entry

4E. Phusion IM Customer Service

Phusion provides engineering software and services that put information at the heart of business. Its customers reduce their costs and increase productivity and improve safety by making sense of the information they have. This is achieved by providing secure, easy access to engineering data through software, hosting, consultancy, services and content.
Phusion’s suite of engineering information software, mobile solutions and consultancy services supports its customers with systems implementation and optimisation, compatibility with legacy systems, strategic consultancy, IM handover, materials management, engineering information management and compliance. Phusion’s software also allows free access to the world’s largest validated engineering information library of OEM equipment.

We continuously work hard to maintain and enhance our customer service provision. We provide technical and practical support for all our global software users, ensuring quality and timely response. We are particularly proud of our front of house customer service, who go above and beyond to support and engage with our customers and strategic partners. Their patience, attentiveness and talent to adjust themselves to the personality of the guest ensures that all our customers feel comfortable and confident when they speak to Phusion.

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